New logo Monday! 
I’ve been excited to share this delicious logo with you all got ages!! If you’re in the market for a new logo, slide into my DM’s.

Here’s a glimpse into the work Clea Creative studio with a mixture of passion projects & client work.

Do you ever look at someone and think ‘please give me your entire wardrobe, your styling eye and the ability to pull it off with the same amount of dazzling confidence’? Because I think this whenever I see a post or YouTube video by @tashaleelyn 🧡
And just like that it was August. I’d complain that the year is going by too quickly but it’s my birthday month so I’m pretty excited for it to be honest.
Lately the idea of burning out as a freelancer has hit me hard. So I did the only reasonable thing one could do in this situation, and instead of having a break to chill out, I wrote about it in a journal post on my website (link in bio). 🧡
This photos kind of makes me want to roll down the hills into the ocean. I probably wouldn’t recommend it though because there are heaps of cliff faces which aren’t ideal 🌿
Trying to use this philosophy when designing for myself at the moment. 
Let me tell you for free, it’s helping me cut out the crappy things I design just for the sake of it.
Yesterday I listened to @jasminedowling speak on the @yourcreativestart podcast, and mate, it was something else! 
I recommend all ‘girl bosses’ give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed! 
Who inspires you to keep hustling?
Aus St-01.jpg
Don’t forget that Instagram likes mean absolutely nothing. Continue to support your creative friends any which way you know how 🧡