What's In A Name


Clea Creative, if you don’t already know, is a graphic design and illustration freelancer business based in Brisbane, Australia. Clea prides itself on working closely with clients to make their vision a clea reality.

Clea is ran by me, (Kaytea). I have such a passion for design and creativity in general, but when starting my freelance endeavour early 2019, I realised that I wanted to build a business based around a name that wasn’t directly my own. This was based on the understanding that i wanted to create a community for creatives and people who love creations.

There is actually a pretty interesting story about how I came to the word Clea.

While i was studying at uni, i wanted to somehow in my spare time (who was I kidding) create a graphic design Instagram with my friend Claudia. I had this stroke of genius where i could combine the 'CL’ from Claudia, and the ‘EA’ from Kaytea to create CLEA. Although nothing else ventured from it, i jumped in my time machine and a year later it was the only name I liked enough to build a brand around.

And just like that, Clea Creative was born…

At Clea, it’s all about working closely with our clients to create the vision they see for their brand or project and help bring it to life. We understand each project is someones babies & we treat it with care and help to raise it in a world clea of the nonsense and get the message right the first time.



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